Hoffman La-Roche (Shareholders)

PCR Test for COVID-19 is owned (patent protected) by Roche …

The “RT-PCR Gene-Based Diagnostic Test” as it is written by Roche/Abbott to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 26, 2012, is “technology to detect the genetic material (DNA
or RNA) in cancerous cells and in infecting pathogens such as HIV or hepatitis.”

Roche (PCR Shareholders) is run by family shareholder André Hoffmann of the Hoffmann La-Roché family, who still controls the majority of the stock and is located in Switzerland.

It’s important to know how ROCHE‘S PCR test kits work. Understand for yourself in 6 minutes.

Roche Pharmaceuticals | Biggest Family Fortune in Switzerland prospers for over a century…
(PCR Shareholders)

Swiss Aristocracy receives decades of dividends- Roche

André Hoffmann (Head of Roche) is an “Agenda Contributor” to the World Economic Forum:

André Hoffmann (Head of Roche) is a “Member” of the Club of Rome:

Club of Rome was founded in 1968 at the Rockefeller estate in Italy but moved its HQ to Switzerland

Club of Rome supports Lockdowns and other measures in the name of fighting Climate Change:

WEF suggests Climate Lockdowns:

What role does Roche (André Hoffmann) have in this and are there are other members of the Hoffmann-LaRoché family who contribute to the Club of Rome and its sustainability agenda?

André Hoffmann (Roche) is also Honorary Chair at the Global Footprint Network (climate change alarmists)…

…started by his fellow World Economic Forum attendee Wackernagel, and some other possible family members (Roche shareholders).

Some more organizations these policymakers are involved in…

In the book Committee of 300 written by Dr. John Coleman in the early ’90s, we are warned about the Club of Rome and told that they are part of an elite group whose goal is to create a One World Government. While re-reading this book during the pandemic I noticed; of all the Big Pharma companies to be mentioned… it was Roche!

Not Pfizer… Not Johnson & Johnson. Not one of the other popular names… Nope!… Roche!!!!

Page 106: “The trend in making huge profits out of drugs was carried over into the 1960s by such “legal” drug death merchants as Sandoz, the makers of LSD, and Hoffman la Roche, manufacturers of Valium. The cost of the raw material and manufacturing of Valium to Hoffman la Roche is $3 per kilo (2.2 pounds). It is sold to their distributors for $20,000 per kilo. By the time it reaches the consumer, the price of Valium has risen to $50,000 per kilo. Valium is used in huge quantities in Europe and the United States. It is possibly the most used drug of its kind in the world. Hoffman la Roche does the same thing with Vitamin C, which costs them less than 1 cent a kilo to produce. It is sold for a profit of 10,000 percent.

When a friend of mine blew the whistle on this criminal company, which had entered into a monopoly agreement with other producers, in contravention of European Economic Community laws, he was arrested on the Swiss-Italian border and hustled into prison; his wife was threatened by the Swiss police until she committed suicide. As a British national he was rescued by the British consul in Berne as soon as word of his plight was received, removed from prison, and flown out of the country. He lost his wife, his job, and his pension because he dared to disclose Hoffman La Roche’s secrets. The Swiss take their Industrial Espionage law very seriously.

Remember this the next time you see those lovely advertisements of Swiss ski slopes, beautiful watches, pristine mountains, and cuckoo clocks. That is not what Switzerland is about. It is about dirty multi-billion dollar money laundering which is carried out by major Swiss banking houses. It is about the Committee of 300 “legal” drug manufacturers. Switzerland is the Committee’s ultimate “safe haven” for money and protection of their bodies in times of global calamity.”

After a lot of hard work, I figured out the name of this “friend” of Dr. Coleman was Stanley Adams, who published a book entitled Roche VS Adams and demonstrates how the Swiss Govt considers whistleblowing against Big Pharma giants as an act of Industrial Espionage.

A film was made based on this book;

Stanley Adams was locked up at the Italian-Swiss border and his wife committed suicide while he was imprisoned for exposing illegal competition practices within Roche.

These practices have enormous implications on society with Roche being the largest manufacturer and distributor of Vitamins in the world and directly influencing the prices of the global food supply.;sequence=2

Roche is a huge corporation with an overwhelming amount of power, and protection from the government, and is very similar to that of an American Military-Industrial-Bio-Tech Company called Leidos)

NIH is run by (SAIC/Liedos) a private contractor

(the same corporation that investigated the world trade center destruction on 9/11)

Leidos (SAIC) Frederick National Lab (Wuhan, China)

Any talk of NIH/Fauci funding the Wuhan Lab is really just Leidos/SAIC (Frederick National Lab) who controls the NIH and the Cancer Research in the U.S.

In fact, FNLCR is the ONLY nationally-funded lab that is run by a Private Contractor!

Leidos future funding was about to be put on hold before the Pandemic:

Zhongyu Zhu is a Chinese scientist that works for Leidos in the Frederick National Lab and is an expert on SARS:

The CDC gave Leidos a HUGE contract right before the Pandemic started… and a few more since…

Roche owns Genentech

Kary Mullis has been quoted saying his invention (PCR Test) is not meant to tell people rather or not they are ill from a particular virus. It is not being used for its intended purposes, at the time he was referring to the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. More info about the efficacy of PCR in diagnosing COVID-19 can be found here:

However, Dr. Mullis was also quoted saying that his company “sold PCR to Roche without even bothering to send me a birthday card, FUCK ROCHE & FUCK THE SWISS! (Switzerland)” Mullis died right before the pandemic started.

After patient zero was diagnosed in 2020 using a form of his technology Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner appointed by Trump, quickly got this test approved for mass use on the entire population, while the Head of Regulatory Policy at Roche was advising Scott Gottlieb leading up to this approval.

Now, this is Trump’s pick for FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb and he’s been caught faking pandemics before.

Remember the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and Ebola? Yeah, the same characters have tried this before with much less success.

In fact, he’s even signed multiple recusal letters admitting to his various conflicts of interest in Big Pharma.
Just in case he gets caught trying to FAKE another PANDEMIC?

Scott is selling coronavirus drugs for Roche on the News and helping them win FDA approval during the pandemic:

Roche is extremely powerful

What is the one thing all of these organizations have in common?

No Seriously! Think about it…
What do they have in common?

They are all located in or around Geneva, Switzerland!

The elite aristocracy shapes global public policy and literally rules the world from Lake Geneva, Switzerland!

Banking Secrecy is an important part of Swiss policy, the Rothschild family takes full advantage of it.

This old article demonstrates how the entire world is being operated from Switzerland!—capital-of-the-globalised-world/5269534

Consider how the UN began and who was in attendance

So we have the same names at the Club of Rome, working for Roche and contributing to the WEF Great Reset and Davos meetings…

Here is a list of other (unpopular) names of guilty criminals involved in this fake pandemic


This is, of course, where the Great Reset was announced in a WEF Livestream on June 3rd, 2020, which Cliche Guervara captured and turned into a documentary on June 6th, 2020. I interviewed Cliche about his documentary and the Great Reset.

Switzerland is where the Global Public-Private Partnership (GPPP) does all of its dirty creates the policies that drive the social construct that we live by here on this earth. They are literally ruling the world from a small “neutral” country in the Alps!

I interviewed Iain Davis, Author of Pseudo-Pandemic about the GPPP and the shaping of public policy through global governance. This video interview is available to watch below.

  • Pseudopandemic | Iain Davis InterviewAlternative Link: Hampton is joined by Iain Davis, author of an incredible in-depth book, outlining the shaping of public policy during the pandemic. In the book and in this video, we are discussing the evidence of a centralized global public-private partnership. A small international group of intellectuals working together to create what some refer […]Watch Interview

It seems the Swiss Banking Secrecy went digital in 2020.

The Bank of International Settlements…

Published this document in 2020

More info on this study:

Switzerland, Roche, Club of Rome, and IIASA
(Climate Change)


All the earth is subject to Austria

(who created the English vowels and what do they really mean?)

The Habsburg family who created the A.E.I.O.U. motto is extremely powerful and controlled Vienna where the IIASA helped create the “Limits to Growth” document with the Club of Rome, which created the Climate Change/Global Warming consensus.

Big Pharma or Big Bio-Tech?
The Aldobrandini family owns their very own Bio-tech company too

Roche also worked on mRNA Vaccines as early as 2016:

SAIC/Leidos + Roche Pharmaceuticals | COVID-19 Therapeutics

SAIC/Leidos Track & Trace contracts

SAIC/Leidos | Mandatory Vaccine – Employees:
ROCHE Pharma | Mandatory Vaccine – Employees:

Roche is controlling the Agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Hoffman La-Roche family…

…is so powerful they even have members working in the Government of Switzerland.

Roche vs Adams

…demonstrates that going against Roche is like going against the State of Switzerland!

Sharing secrets will get you charged with Industrial Espionage…

Committee of 300 | Switzerland

Switzerland’s government is a Council of 200 (Committee of 300) members who make up the National body.,_2007%E2%80%932011

Swiss government & Roche Family

Have a tight relationship, and the Swiss Alps are home to the wealthiest, most dangerous criminal elites in the world.

Including Italian Gangsters that have been exiled from their countries.

Roche | Criminal Enterprise

…had a chemical plant explode in Seveso, Italy in the 70s and it released super poison dropping birds from the sky. Within days a total of 3,300 animals, mostly poultry and rabbits, were found dead. 5 people were supposed to go to jail but ended up with verdicts of “not guilty” by the Supreme Court of Rome…
Seveso Disaster | Roche:

The people in charge at Roche are also in charge of an organization that specializes in disrupting financial systems on purpose. Something they claim is healthy for the economy. In fact, the company’s web address is literally… ON PURPOSE DOT ORG!!!

Midazolam Scandal

…happening in the UK involving the killing of the elderly in the Liverpool Pathway nursing homes. I knew immediately who created the drug being used… Roche!!!

When my friend on YouTube Cliche Guervara started covering this scandal, the researcher involved was suddenly found dead…. of covid!

Hoffmann-La Roche (BioNTech) developed mRNA Vaccines in 2016$/embed/Safe-n-Effective/6ef6947fd0ed493393170551ba713bc64ef373b0?r=4QiZ2VJo99eKv2d6XNH95HtRyUBPum5K

Sudden Deaths After COVID Vaccination


Big Pharma, Mafia, Trump & Powerful Family Dynasties.

Trump helped all of this to come about. Trump is a tool of the Italian Nobility Dynasties as well as the Mafia.

The man in charge of the NYC Port Authority on 9/11 was made the Ambassador to Italy by President Trump.

During his term as chairman, his most notable achievement was the negotiation of a long-term lease with Larry Silverstein for the World Trade Center. An Italian Jew that was a fundraising leader for the Trump presidential campaign.

Every “truther’ should’ve quit supporting Trump just days into his presidency when he made the deal with the Saudis…

…and After their meeting, the Saudis invested 40 million into Blackstone as the beginning of their multi-billion dollar investment. … we’ll come back to BLACKSTONE

We are always discussing what “they” do and researching exactly who “they” are. We tend to hear household names that we recognize like Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc.

Perhaps these names are meant to be popular?

Trump is great friends with the Papal Nobility Bloodlines of Ancient Rome.I don’t mean the Rothschilds who are essentially a modern product of these much older families who put them in charge of Banking & Zionism and further popularized the idea in 1947 when they created the Corporation of Israel at the U.N. in…

Switzerland | Black Nobility

Trump & The Vatican

Duke of Castro and his nephew (that works for Blackstone)

They’re good ol’ pals with Former President Donald Trump,_Duke_of_Castro

Dynastic order of knighthood of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.

& Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George…
Similar to the order which Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Guliani was Knighted in 2001, as a matter of fact, The House of Savoy and the House of Windsor both knighted Rudy Giuliani

Steven Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, and Dina Powell are ALL part of the Trump Administration and were ALL TOP EXECS for Goldman Sachs. Trump has been advised by Erik Prince and Joseph Schmitz and they are both Vatican-Roman knights and former Blackwater executives. Trump appointed Erik Prince’s sister Betsy DeVos as the United States Secretary of Education.

Trump & Q-Anon Save The World?

If you still support Trump, this Podcast will clear it up for you:

More on Black Nobility;

Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples (King of Italy) was exiled to Switzerland. He is a descendant of the House of Savoy and runs the P2 (Propaganda Due) Masonic Lodge, heavily involved with the Church of Rome and formally charged with criminal association, racketeering, conspiracy, political corruption, and exploitation of prostitution, but, acquitted of all charges,_Prince_of_Naples

House of Savoy founded and ruled over Switzerland and married into the Rothschild family as well as the most influential family in History – the Aldobrandini family

The Doria, Pamphilj, Landi, and Aldobrandini families have become united through marriage and descent under the simplified surname Doria Pamphilj… 
which is now extinct. But, the family name lives on a through branch of the Borghese family…
…leading member of the soi-disant… 
…Black Nobility

Princess Olimpia Anna Aldobrandini, also a non-linear descendant of Napoleon on her mother’s side, married into the Rothschild family

The princely family is currently represented by Prince Camillo Aldobrandini (b. 1945), whose heir is Don Clemente Aldobrandini (b. 1982). Black Nobility & the Papal Bloodlines:

These secret societies and sacred mysterious religious orders (Knights of Malta) have very important policymakers in their inner circles.


*JESUITS* & U.S. Policy

U.S. Policy Makers for the 2020 Pandemic are ALL Jesuit educated…

…Including Fauci

a Criminal (Jesuit) Mastermind:

In fact, Georgetown University, which was actually established in America by the Jesuits MANY decades before the Country itself was even founded, is a very important piece of this puzzle. More from our friends on Reddit!

Georgetown (Jesuits) and Leidos/SAIC/Frederick Lab (NIH) have been working together on many pseudo-pandemic-related issues!

One researcher on Reddit has done a good job trying to expose the Jesuit and Pfizer connection

But wait! I thought the Jesuits were good people.

Learn the truth about the Jesuits from AmySaysWTF
Podcast episode censored:

We should mention the Italian Mafia aspect of all of this and how the Sacra Corona Unita (with confirmed CIA members) ties into the elite bloodlines of the world and could be a big part of this conspiracy that may have actually started in Italy/Switzerland rather than China. We need to look at “P2” Propaganda Due (with confirmed CIA members) and its involvement.

The head of this Masonic Lodge is a descendant from the House of Savoy, who founded Switzerland. Although, he considers himself the “Prince” and “Duke of Savoy” he was exiled from his country by the government. He has literally been charged and gotten away with every crime imaginable. This clandestine group (a state within a state) of aristocrats answers to NO COUNTRY at all. They answer ONLY to family.,_Prince_of_Naples

We mentioned Blackstone earlier! Now, some researchers (though very few) have pointed out that the majority of Big Pharma (and everything else for that matter) is owned by 2 large investment companies Blackrock & Vanguard (I should also mention Blackstone) including the shares of large vaccine companies like Pfizer & Moderna, etc.

And guess who happens to be a partner at the World Economic Forum too:

Biden’s advisor (Brian Deez) works for the stockholders of Pfizer which would explain why the US government is only buying doses from that company. Frank D’Amelio (Italian Nobility) runs Pfizer a Switzerland-based company.

Reuters, while attempting to debunk this information, did a great job of verifying a lot of it instead:
“Interestingly, Vanguard is the largest shareholder of BlackRock as of March 2021.”

Swizz & Occultism

Does anybody know who founded the country of Switzerland? It was the House of Savoy that also led an Italian army to invade the Holy Roman Empire on September 11th, 1870. That (acquitted) gangster/masonic grand master 👆 Vittorio Emmanuel is their descendant, Prince of Naples, King of Italy, though exiled to live his life in Switzerland.

Do you remember the highly occult Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland and ritual in 2016?
Video Link:

Who’s in the audience? Prominent businessmen, bankers, & policymakers. And they ENJOYED the show.

This is located in Bern, Switzerland with Obelisks and the All-Seeing Eye.


Vatican & Mafia Construction of World Trade Center…

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