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On a budget? We can help!... Videography, Audio Production, Video Editing, Sound Design, Voiceover, Narration, Live Performance, Graphic Design, and more!!! 

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Professional experience in videography as well as video editing softwares. Including Adobe & Final Cut. We do location shooting 1080p & 4K quality. We also do footage / timeline arrangement, as well as on-set filming and post production services.

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Certified in Pro Tools audio software. As well as Logic Pro and multiple software plug-ins. Recording vocals and instruments. We also do music mixing and mastering, as well as on-set recording, sound design, foley and audio post-production.

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Human Rights

We oppose media lying and covering up the truth. Pushing an agenda rather than reporting real news & truth. We offer free professional services to victims in need of media exposure around the world.

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A Full Service Production Company

Wolf Clan Media...

For us, It’s like magic... Seeing, hearing and experiencing life in real-time, while capturing every moment through media. Creating high-quality content that can be viewed on any device in the future. This is one reason why, we believe media is the ultimate tool for preserving our history. This mentality is what allows Wolf Clan Media to capture something organic and create something beautiful. Rather it's a live event such as a wedding ceremony or a sports event, a promotional ad, social media campaign, music video, business commercial,  photoshoot, voiceover, interview, etc. Owner & operator, Chris Hampton, worked as an audio engineer at a post-production facility in Burbank, CA from 2015 to 2017 before relocating to Dallas, TX. He received multiple certifications at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in 2014. Afterwards, a Bachelors degree in Digital Cinematography, from Full Sail University. The Ultimate Tool, For Preserving Our History. Professional videography, video editing, studio recording, sound mixing, sound design, graphic design and a wide range of other media related applications. Highly skilled in Logic Pro X, Pro-Tools, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, etc. We have all of the necessary equipment needed, to create high quality media content from start to finish. 1080p HD or 4K quality video & mastered audio. Let us help you create a timeless project that will showcase your legacy for years to come. Give us a call.


Let us know more about your project. We can customize our services into a unique, discounted package that fits your specific needs.

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Wolf Clan Media

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