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18 thoughts on “9/11 Alchemy | A Big Idea”
  1. What a brilliant effort – again ! There’s loads of material to work through here and I know there are many people who will appreciate you dedicating this film to the occult aspects as well as the technology of 3D volumetric objects and how the two might be linked. I certainly do. Mesmerizing track during the outro, so a special shout-out to Barney W. as well as your good self. Thank you Chris !

  2. Superb piece of 100% independent investigative journalism. When you and Mark were discussing the electrical disturbances occurring at the moment of impact, a little light bulb went off in my head. I was immediately reminded of some key notes I made through my own observations. First and foremost are electromagnetic disruptions in many of the tapes at the exact moment of impact. Second, there is a particular tape filmed by a couple from an apartment building, minutes before the South Tower is “attacked”. They have a CRT television in their room set to a news channel. The TV is out of frame, but you can hear it loud and clear. At the precise moment of the South Tower’s impact, the TV experiences an abrupt and violent signal disruption for 1 or 2 seconds at most. You can clearly hear the loud hissing of static as if a powerful interference had just occurred. There are several follow-up signal disruptions indicating continuous electrical interference. To me, this is one of, if not the best pieces of supporting evidence for the presence of field interference effects. Finally, there are several instances of birds flying in a spook, as if disturbed by sudden changes in their environment, at critical moments of impact and “collapse”. I know birds are able to sense electrostatic fields, so there is good corroborating evidence that the animal life did in fact respond to a sudden environmental change, once again reinforcing field interference effects.

    Hope we can chat sometime in the near future!

  3. I Research Energy everyday and have now for several years. Well truthfully Energetic phenomena and Corrupted constructs of human minds such as government and money. And specifically using the known physics I cant explain the instantaneous disintegration of the upper portion of that tower right as it ceases to exist. But that is justone specific thing that Establishment (funded and peer reviewed)Science openly has no answer for How… Well, “it wasn’t by shear force of will people.” But as for the masses seeing the most obvious deception ever through the artificial ideals like patriotism and duty over honor… (then cash over everything else imaginable) that were instilled in every public school kid here in america; yeah thats not happening… The science is coming in short order however… what sucks is that the military getthe pickof the litter. Any above average intellect kid gets swooped and purchased and mindfucked into helping the evil prosper in this agenda. So all the brains that could comprehend this stuff have been as well tasked with its subversion and as well tasked with maintaing its relative obscurity… Man, Like everything is bogus thats taught in school. Its harder to unlearn than to learn… Homeschool your kids people… so they might have a chance at true freedom…because that just isnt possible with the illiterate swine that populate the earth today. We are to blinded by Science… we cant imagine the real shit because we are told that we have learned it all already. And Laws made by men mean nothing except where it should truly be broken. 1984 by Orwel is spot on and its disgustingly horrific. Any how quality research and keep it up bro. Love your work.

  4. Apparently if you look for synchronicities you will find them. At around 1:06:22 while the film is detailing some numerical coincidences, I paused spontaneously to look at the time expecting to see a significant number and the clock read 7:57. I think you can figure out what that means 🙂

  5. So glad you made this film, as I am also appreciative of Andrew Johnson’s and Judy Wood’s work. This year we revived an annual display in the Midlands, UK of a mock up of the three WTC towers at a public Summer festival. Our WTC models have grown from 8 feet high to 6 metres high and the public show quite an interest in unveiling the event. If there is anyone in the Midlands who would like to help us out in August & Sept 2022 please reach me on advanceheating@gmail.com

  6. 9/11 The Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe

    you will want to start with the one below that is on my wordpress site because it was RE-moved from all of the sites that published going back to 2007. Let me know if you want to read about all my articles that were RE-moved from web. If you click on any of the others and the links are dead let me know and I will get it for you.

    9/11 The Most Important Issue in the History of the Universe


    Pictures of Mini Nukes at PakAlert Prove 9-11 was a Metaphysical Catechism (Test)

    9/11 Breaking News: Nikola Tesla Testifies at NY Grand Jury on 9/11

    The Planetary Archetypal Situation on 9/11/2001 (this is really two posts, check the footnote)


  7. This was excellent. I was going to take a look at a bit of it and then catch the rest later after work. However, it was so compelling that I ended up watching the whole thing prior to heading into work! Thanks Chris.

  8. Great film. Agree with what you have put forward here. Its all occultism, used against us by those that run the world

  9. For me, 911 is a significant manifestation of a driving force that lies at the core of human civilisation – the denial of the divine. A highly symbolic event indeed, but one replicated endlessly around us. The unspoken truth. One cannot always go by outward appearances, I guess.

  10. Hey Chris, it’s me again. I would like to share with you a real bombshell discovery. You may find this astoundingly thought-provoking! Bear with me here as I elaborate…

    Have you ever taken a moment to ponder what the exterior walls (or facade) of the twin towers represents? The 59-column array on each face of the towers closely resembles fringe patterns in the field of interferometry. The alternating crests and troughs of each waveform can be symbolized by the ‘positively-charged’ space of bright, aluminum-clad steel columns, followed by the darker “negatively-charged” space occupied by the window columns. A mere coincidence? I think not… as the connections become increasingly jarring as one delves deeper into the esoteric nature of their architecture.

    At the time of their conceptualization, the World Trade Center’s twin towers were considered state-of-the-art symbols of dramatic, new, and innovative engineering concepts. They were among the first structures to make use of the (now widely-adopted) tubular-box structure, in which the vast majority of load-bearing columns are concentrated along the external walls of the buildings, thereby eliminating structural setbacks and maximizing useful floor space. Furthermore, the only existing internal supports would be located in a central core of immensely massive steel columns. All elevator systems and stairwells would be housed in the core, and elevators were subdivided into 3 zones for maximum efficiency. Overall, the twin towers were decades ahead of their time. They were incredibly well-built buildings. I would go so far to say the most structurally-sound pairs of skyscrapers ever constructed.

    Tying it back to the esoteric side of things, it’s clear that the towers were by no means ordinary. They were by all means extraordinary. To me, it seems their facade spoke in a cryptic tongue, as if cleverly communicating the mechanism of their demise in plain sight. You see, their striking similarities to fringes could very well hold much deeper significance. For instance, the word “fringe” itself may be defined as an interference pattern, but it’s also defined as being not part of the mainstream; to be peripheral; or extreme. Since the towers were of unconventional design it stands to reason: the only thing capable of destroying them was an unconventional technology. A technology of the utmost secrecy. Observing the many videos and images of the towers, a common artifact frequently appears. Known as ‘Moiré’ patterns, they are a type of visual interference that occurs when lines intersect and overlap. I find it very telling that Moiré fringes were inherent and unavoidable phenomenon frequently persisting in still and motion images of the towers. An eerie foreshadowing of future events?

    Since we know beyond reasonable doubt that covert, directed-energy weapons were unveiled to the world on 9/11, I am convinced that there is a link between the aforementioned oddities. It would certainly fall in line with the esoteric symbolism and predictions surrounding the events. The level of social engineering involved in crafting and maintaining this fine-tuned PSY-OP is malicious genius. It goes to show that whoever behind the scenes is dabbling in forbidden knowledge, able to conceal truth beyond layers of deception through symbolic representations. One of the many brilliant tricks they used was to create the illusion–on the surface–that the towers appeared solid. The aluminum cladding of the facade remained relatively undisturbed by interference effects, while the steel and concrete structure inside was being eaten away by the energy effects. Even after the final destruction, many pieces of mangled (but intact) cladding were present among other relatively fragile items such as paper and plastics. The destructive mechanism was selective in the materials it was directed to erase, a characteristic that’s absolutely impossible to explain by conventional methods. Most bizarre still, the word “facade” can be defined as either the exterior face of a building, or as a deceptive outward appearance. Does that ring a bell?

    There’s plenty more notes I omitted for sake of brevity, but I tried my absolute damnedest to present a clear and concise piece of circumstantial evidence. To my knowledge, nobody has ever mentioned these connections before. I’ve attempted to write YouTube comments on legitimate 9/11 research videos in order to share my thoughts with like-minded individuals, but alas, each time I do, they simply disappear from record. Talk about conspiracies, eh? Who knows what’s really going on.

    All my best,

  11. Go one step further. View the astrological chart for that day online. The two biggest stars in the sky (sirius,canopis) were in alignment that day with Jupiter. At the time of the first impact the sun was in the house of mars (god of war). Sirius is an astral representation of Isis, and Canopis is Osiris. There you have the male/female duality or astral (life forces). The male/female duality is represented by the goat androgyne baphomet. Cheers!

  12. Excellently researched and presented! Thank you for also tying in the occult influence that so many people are unaware of. I’ve come across a clip of the Twin Towers “falling” in the 2000 miniseries “The 10th Kingdom” (quite cheesy). It is part of the intro and when I saw it I thought that it was another eerie foreshadowing of what was to happen. Thank you for being the true media and fighting for our freedom!

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