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3 thoughts on “9/11 Alchemy | A Big Idea”
  1. What a brilliant effort – again ! There’s loads of material to work through here and I know there are many people who will appreciate you dedicating this film to the occult aspects as well as the technology of 3D volumetric objects and how the two might be linked. I certainly do. Mesmerizing track during the outro, so a special shout-out to Barney W. as well as your good self. Thank you Chris !

  2. Superb piece of 100% independent investigative journalism. When you and Mark were discussing the electrical disturbances occurring at the moment of impact, a little light bulb went off in my head. I was immediately reminded of some key notes I made through my own observations. First and foremost are electromagnetic disruptions in many of the tapes at the exact moment of impact. Second, there is a particular tape filmed by a couple from an apartment building, minutes before the South Tower is “attacked”. They have a CRT television in their room set to a news channel. The TV is out of frame, but you can hear it loud and clear. At the precise moment of the South Tower’s impact, the TV experiences an abrupt and violent signal disruption for 1 or 2 seconds at most. You can clearly hear the loud hissing of static as if a powerful interference had just occurred. There are several follow-up signal disruptions indicating continuous electrical interference. To me, this is one of, if not the best pieces of supporting evidence for the presence of field interference effects. Finally, there are several instances of birds flying in a spook, as if disturbed by sudden changes in their environment, at critical moments of impact and “collapse”. I know birds are able to sense electrostatic fields, so there is good corroborating evidence that the animal life did in fact respond to a sudden environmental change, once again reinforcing field interference effects.

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