Richard Hall of Richplanet TV was recently interviewed by Chris Hampton for Wolf Clan Media’s 9/11 Alchemy film.

In 2016 Richard D. Hall published his updated three-dimensional radar analysis for flight 175 on September 11, 2001. I’m extremely excited to have Richard here with me today to discuss this very important evidence.

Click here to see Richards full 3D Radar Analysis of Flight 175

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3 thoughts on “Richard D. Hall | 9/11 Interview | 3D Radar Data Analysis”
  1. I often wonder if some tourist was standing in Central Park filming flight 175, kept the footage and never shared it thinking it has no significance. I bet there is unseen footage out there that might show something of interest – in a box in someone’s loft.

    1. 100% guaranteed there are many hours worth of videotape that never surfaced. The question I ask is if such tapes were confiscated by authorities, locked away in an evidence crate, and stored inside a dusty old warehouse indefinitely. Or perhaps they were destroyed altogether. It’s difficult to say for certain, but one thing we know for sure is the fact that many of the publicly available tapes have been cut in key areas. Who knows what happened to those cut sections of footage, let alone what sensitive information was captured in them.

    2. Flight 175 never arrived anywhere near the WTC on 9/11/2001 ….so don’t hold your breath if you’re still vainly expecting any GENUINE Boeing 767 to appear on your screen.

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