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9/11 – Phantom Warfare

I’d like to thank Mark Conlon for all his research. Which made writing this article possible.

  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests that directed free energy technology was used on 9/11 to destroy the World Trade Center. 
Neither bombs or fire can explain the clearly visible evidence in this 3-minute clip…

Before you continue reading this article, if you haven’t already done so, then please take the time to study this evidence for yourself. 

Phantom Jets 

There is also evidence that suggests the ‘airplanes’ on 9/11 were actually a product of psychological warfare through the use of holography or some type of optical illusion and the ‘airplane damage’ was caused by a form of directed energy as well. 

We have already established through the work of many researchers that the airplanes on 9/11 could not have been the 4 commercial aircraft that we were told got hijacked that day.

Not only that but Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion describe the motion of massive bodies and how they interact. This proves, if they were the airplanes in question, there’s no way they ‘could’ have done what they did that day.

Having said that…. they did!

They traveled at impossible speeds, defied physics, and disappeared into buildings.

Leaving ‘airplane shaped holes’ with no recognizable aircraft debris at any of the 3 crash sites. 

Check out this bizarre story right after 9/11.This is from a ‘regular’ airplane crash.

The airplane was destroyed by the building, but not completely, we have debris at the site.

Another plane crashed into a skyscraper building in Manhattan in 2006.

The fire was put out very quickly and the crash left plenty of wreckage down on the street below. Something we did not see on 9/11.

On 9/11, Flight 93 allegedly disappeared into the dirt.

New York City
This image reminded me of the ‘fires’ at the Ground Zero site in NYC after the towers were destroyed. The so-called ‘heat’ on 9/11 seemed to effect metal more than paper…

Do we see the same effect taking place when the ‘fireball’ exits the building?

If it was ‘hot’ from jet fuel or from explosives, then how are these people standing here?

Some people claim the towers were ‘hollow’ or ‘gutted’ and there were ‘bolts & floors removed’

If that was the case how did these people get to this standing position?

So we know that airplane crashes could not have caused this hole in the building.

Is this why people have claimed the photos & videos were all faked?

After 16 years of research from various people around the world, we can conclude that this footage was not faked and can be synced almost perfectly with other videos.

These are close up images of the damage done to the towers that day. Some researchers online have suggested that this is clear evidence of missiles, due to the external damage on the aluminum cladding appearing to resemble the same traits as damage from a kinetic force. 

Arguments have been made in the image below.

It does look like it was hit by a heavy object. Much heavier than an aluminum airplane wing.

If the videos are real then what did we see in the sky on 9/11?

These ground shots show some anomalies with the airplane wings…


Very few have argued:Could this have been an advanced ‘image projection’ technology?

Promoters of the ‘fake video & missile’ theory are associating holograms with explosives. 

 I believe holography could have been deployed without the use of pre-planted explosives. After all, it is a form of directed energy.

While at first, this might sound outlandish, please consider my question, as there is evidence to support it.
Is it possible these ‘holograms’ were able to cause physical damage themselves?

Something strange was happening to the earth’s magnetic field at the exact time the ‘airplane shaped’ holes were created in NYC on 9/11.

Many readers want to know exactly what caused this. 

I do too. 

However we don’t know what the  2.3 trillion was spent on, do we? 

One thing is for sure neither airplanes or missiles did this.

It’s called the “Black Budget” which is something researchers would rather pretend doesn’t exist.

That is to say:There are no secret weapons? We know about every program in the DoD? 

Even the Pentagon didn’t know where the money went…

If we do our research…

 We can find possible explanations for this damage…

Nikola Tesla & U.S. Department of Defense

Picking up where the timeline left off…

Here is an interesting article from 2006.

I want to point out 1st:They’ve had the ability to strike any target on earth, without being detected.

I want to point out 2nd: The space-based image projection technology.

I want to point out 3rd:The possibility of sound being projected into the atmosphere from space.

Could this technology explain what we saw on 9/11? The SDI program was created and operational. These weapons obviously exist and have been deployed.

I’d say that could mimic the appearance of a kinetic (missile or airplane) impact.

This one is much more recent.

The existence of free energy technology has been covered up by people within the 911 truth movement. Mainly by a physicist @ BYU named Steven E. Jones. 

I felt like this should be mentioned, considering the work now going on at BYU. 

Can we really assume this is the 1st breakthrough?

 I don’t think so, considering the military secrecy behind such technologies. 

We also have Hollywood to thank for keeping it all in the realm of ‘science fiction’ 

Making sure nobody believes in ‘Death ray’s’ OR ‘Holograms’ as a real technology.

Here’s a popular mechanics article, regarding hologram history.

From the BYU Article

Oh, and free energy, could never be real right?
Nothing is free!?!?

It’s time to leave the matrix. Move past the cognitive dissonance. 

Step into reality. Where everything is defined by the Aether.

If you have ‘Faced Reality’ the critical thinker would wonder if there is any connection between the energy cover-up and the truth about these airplanes. So I’ve done some digging and I’ve tried to document some of this…

It’s quite extensive and weird. This evidence will be included in a new Documentary by Wolf Clan Media, this year.

The 1st film (amateur video) is on YouTube and available for DVD along with a few interviews.

Similarities of the “Hutchinson Effect” & Nikola Tesla effects.

Many of these effects also took place at the World Trade Center on September 11th. Not to mention the hurricane parked outside the coast of New York of 9/11. 

Some very strange things, such as:

Weird Fires

Levitation Effects

Toasted Cars

Molecular Dissociation

Cold Fusion (LENR)
These iron-rich microspheres were found in the dust.
Dis-information is always being put out, claiming this was caused by high heat.
In reality, it is the effect of a low energy nuclear reaction.
Without the use of high temperatures.

The fusion of Dissimilar Material


Glowing Metal

Disruptions in the earth’s magnetic field.

All while a hurricane is parked off the coast of NYC.

Building up a large static field the night before.

Dustification of Steel

People will often deny that the steel actually turned into fine dust right in front of our eyes…

But it did. Just because someone cannot understand how it happens doesn’t make it untrue. It DID happen & the govt. even confessed.

All of this evidence has been documented at and also in Dr. Judy Wood’s book: Where did the towers go? The evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11

Every person on the planet needs to read and understand this book. Then stand up for what is right. If people want true freedom lets learn this technology and make sure it isn’t used against us again. Better yet lets demand these weapons stop being developed and this technology be used for good, to help every person on this planet.

If we go back and study the damage done by the airplane’s, with this in mind… 

What will we find?

The steel in the images resembles John Hutchinson’s steel samples.

These are samples of different types of material, undergoing different effects, during experimentation, over the years.

John has been visited by many government / military agencies in the past. He has had his equipment seized and stolen. They have also funded his test’s through Los Alamos National Lab, and McDonald Douglas.

This, with the evidence of people standing in the airplane hole, has led myself, Mark Conlon, and others, to conclude:The damage was probably created with a Directed Energy Weapon.

We also have to consider the damage done to the lobby, at the time of the ‘airplane crash’

They claim it was the jet fuel shooting a fireball down the elevator shaft, that made the lobby look this way.

I don’t buy that. In fact, I think it could be explained by something called blooming…

Could this also explain the ‘toasted cars’ and some other undesirable effects? 
John Hutchinson has explained some issues with the effects produced. 

Maybe they just gave the ‘unwanted’ effects a fancy name?

But we also have reports of people with burnt skin hanging off.As well as the elevator exploding.

Interestingly, they say ‘burnt skin’ but no mention of clothes on fire.

Video: Active Denial System

The Pentagon

Some images from the pentagon attack show the victim’s skin burnt but the clothes on their bodies seem okay.

These images immediately reminded me of a documentary entitled:
“Star Wars in Iraq”

Which feature victims of microwave weapons in the middle east and the victim’s injuries look just like the images from the pentagon.

We also have toasted cars at the pentagon. 

Just like the at WTC site.

They sprayed water on the sites for a very long time. At least 7 years of hosing down in NYC.

Then they created these water features. Which seems to be a solution for the residual energy effects, that are ongoing. 

This has been documented very well by Andrew Johnson.Book Hard Copy:
Free E-book:

Shanksville & Flight 93

This is significant because:The flight 93 memorial site, had a problem with its water being contaminated by, IRON of all things.

Just like the Iron Microspheres & Tritium found in the WTC dust samples. 

Which has also been found in some crop circles. 

Not only this but, the levitation effects that occurred during the destruction of the towers have also occurred in crop circles

This has all been documented as well by Andrew Johnson.

Other weird anomalies in Shanksville points towards the use of energy weapons.

So the National Park Service had to build a water filtration system at the Shanksville crash site, and at the World Trade Center.

Back to the Pentagon

Did they build a water feature at the Pentagon memorial too?

What do ya know?

This may have not been the first time either. 
This weapon could have been tested in Oklahoma, 1995. Not conclusive, just some comparisons.

Back to Shanksville

So we have the unburnt grass. But no bodies or plane parts.

We have strange fuming at the site just like at the WTC site.

 Paper & clothing that survived the explosion.

This could have been planted, we don’t know. The Airplane debris could have been as well. But we cannot prove it so even planted evidence must be examined.

We have possible ‘blooming’ effects nearby.

We also have this DEP report of: “No jet fuel in the soil at Flight 93 crash site.

This evidence rules out airplanes as well as missiles. Since both of them would have left fuel behind.

Some still believe there was a missile in the air. 

This is due to the witness accounts of a “small white plane” or what “sounded like” a missile overhead in Shanksville, PA.

Should we really assume that these people were seeing a JASSM missile that looked like a plane? No, we shouldn’t. Especially since this particular missile was not functioning in 2001.

Isn’t it just as possible this “small white plane” that was spotted in Shanksville, was indeed a small white plane? 

Especially since the same thing was seen that day at the Twin Towers and The Pentagon

Were these white planes projecting images of commercial aircraft?

The evidence points to the use of Holographic Airplanes & Directed Energy Weapons causing the damage at all the locations on 9/11.

However, the dis-information is continuous, and won’t let up.We still hear the story of the “Art Students” who lived in the towers, planted explosives, and caused the plane-shaped holes.

With a mainstream newspaper to help “expose the crimes” right?

1st: I’m pretty sure E-team and Gelatin were two different groups. 

2nd: E-team was in the North Tower, doesn’t explain F.175

3rd: Doesn’t look like they were planting any bombs.

Not only that, but these stories seem to have been put out right before / after 9/11 and haven’t been censored yet. As if the truth would be given to us via Wikipedia or the New York Times?

All I have to do is a google search and I solved the conspiracy?

This is a total Psyop that was created before the event took place.I am not dismissing the obvious connections to Israel. I’m simply saying: the media wouldn’t give us honest information.

The worst part of this story is that
“Gelatin” is a recording material for holograms. The most ideal recording material!!!

This seems like a form of manufactured consent, or a cryptic clue about holography, hidden within the dis-information.

The CEO of the art group is a guy named Leo Koenig.

This name is also used by a researcher online who spreads around dis-information about the videos on 9/11.

This is also the name of the person who designed the Sphere (which survived) the destruction of the Towers.

If you do a google search for this name ‘Koenig’ you will get some interesting results.

 This also seems like a clue or a really weird coincidence.

110 stories of steel & concrete slammed down onto this? I don’t think so!!!
We also have the POD theory, which hasn’t produced enough evidence to be a possibility. 

This has been addressed on Mark Conlon’s Blogspot.
Most promoters of the POD theory, claim that it is was something attached to the bottom, which caused the flashes just before impact.

There is a similar impact flash in a rocket sled test video.

However, as you can see, the flash in this video occurs after impact rather than just before like the 9/11 footage shows.

Mark and I believe this was actually caused by the initiation of the effect of an energy weapon.

Similar to what is seen in this video by John Hutchinson. 
Frames 2 & 3

The above image is a scaled-down version of the Philadelphia Experiment, re-created by Hutchinson.

You can watch the video here:

The evidence suggests: An energy weapon is responsible for this.

We also have the power outage at the Burger King in the Evan Fairbanks Footage. 

More evidence of energy effects. What could have caused this?The hurricane that decided to turn around when it was finished?

I think I should also mention what looked like “Orbs” in the sky, during the alleged crashes, which can be seen clearly moving across the damaged area in Jennifer Spells video.

Watch her footage!

In conclusion:No airplane crashes occurred at any of the 3 locations that day. We saw some type of optical illusion/energy weapon at the Pentagon, in Shanksville, and New York City.

They are going to cover it up as long as they can.The most recent person spreading lies about this evidence is: Steve Deak / Yankee451

What an interesting username, don’t you think?

That’s weird!!! He also gets a lot of support from this website.

Truther Musical? 

Stephen De’ak was born in Hungary in 1897 and died in California in 1975. He grew up in a musical family. When De’ak was seven he started cello lessons and entered the Royal Academy of Music at the age of eleven.

Other 9/11 researchers have used strange names too. Is this like, some sort of code?

You can find more on Ace Baker here:
One question that I would love to be answered is:  What happened to the real airplanes and the passengers? 

Thank you to all of those people who are out there still trying to expose the REAL truth about 9/11.

Feel free to comment or email me if I have made a mistake.
Please visit my website and support my work. Thank you.
Chris Hampton – Wolf Clan Media

Space & Perception | 9/11 Weapons

‘Strategic Defense Initiative’ Video Game & The Twin Towers in NYC…

Researchers have pointed out connections between 9/11 and some hollywood media.

People call it foreshadowing, or predictive programming, mind control, media exercises, there are many names given to these strange ‘predictions’. 

Here are a few games that “predicted” 9/11.

I don’t think it matters what you call it. The simple fact is, there is a reason for it.

What is this reason? Warning? Mockery? Manufactured Consent?

There are different theories, and I don’t know. However I have noticed that there are some very limited hangouts regarding stuff like this. For instance, many people have pointed out the connections between the film, “Back to the Future” and the events of September 11th. There are plenty of things to point out in the film that seemingly foreshadow 9/11.

However I only know of one person who has pointed out the obvious connection between:Cold Fusion (LENR) in “Back to the Future” and the other 9/11 connections.

If you have studied the work of Dr. Judy Wood, and Andrew Johnson, then you will be well aware of the effects of Cold Fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) taking place at the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001 (in particular transmutation and the formation of tritium.) Dis-informers will try to convince you this was caused by something conventional.

This is a lie, and not possible without ionizing radiation. But indeed it is a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction taking place. 


The ‘cold fusion’ process went mainstream in the 80’s. Thanks to the work of scientists: Martin Fleischmann & Stanley Pons.

Among a few others such as: Dr. John Bockris

 There are many more reproducing these effects like Bob Greenyer

Interesting enough this ‘breakthrough’ is around the same time the “Back to the Future” film was released.

If you would like to learn more about this, then you can visit the website of Carl James – TheTruthSeekersGuide BlogSpot.

You can also watch his in-depth analysis of “Back to the Future – The symbolism & themes of 9/11”

 Runtime is a little under an hour. 100% Worth it.

I wanted to write up a quick piece about this video game I just found. Some may already be aware, there is a video game for the SDI (Star Wars) Program, created by the Reagan Administration.

This video game was created by Activision for Sega.

Both very popular names in the gaming industry.

The reason I feel this is important, is because of the evidence discussed by Dr. Judy Wood.

Dr. Judy Wood has been ridiculed by the mainstream as well as the alternative ‘truth’ community.

Many people have resorted to name calling, using the common term: ‘Space Beamer’ to describe her and readers of her book.

I actually think this is very telling. Almost a form of reverse psychology. There is much evidence to support the idea of ‘Space-Based Weapons’. Honestly, all you have to do is a little research, which I will leave to the reader this time…

But you can start here —> 

Sci-Fi Films & Video Games have played a huge role in making sure people don’t believe in this technology.

I found it very interesting that this video game, about the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars Program) was depicting images of the Twin Towers. 

Even showing New York City under attack.

Is this more of the foreshadowing / predictive programming / media exercising / mind control stuff?

It’s noteworthy to mention that the game actually takes place in a time we now live in, check out this screenshot.

The simple fact is: This technology does indeed exist, and was used against us on that horrible day.

Dr. Judy Wood has never once stated that: “The weapon is a beam from space.” She has never made any such comments. 

It has been described as ‘Field Effects’ relating to an energy phenomenon discovered by Canadian researcher / inventor John Hutchinson. 

Like i said that term ‘Space Beamer’ came from her adversaries and people who continue to oppose the truth. 

The biggest traitor is Steven E. Jones who was also involved in the cold fusion affair in the 80s. Actually he patented a similar process which discredited the work of Martin Fleischmann & Stanley Pons
Now Steven E. Jones is a 9/11 truther, who found ‘nano-thermite’ in the WTC dust. 

Coincidence? Click the link below for the full story.

But why would they use ‘Space Beamer’  to discredit someone? Is it because, psychologically, you would imagine a Star Trek Weapon that doesn’t actually exist? 

Causing you to ignore evidence like this?

John ‘Hutchinson Effect’ Samples

Once again: This technology does indeed exist, and was used against us on that horrible day. 

Please help to stop the nonsense, learn how this technology works and lets try to make sure it doesn’t happen again…

…Please read Dr. Judy Wood’s book: 
Where did the towers go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11

Please read Andrew Johnson’s book: 911 Finding the Truth and part 2: 911 Holding the Truth

Thank you for taking the time to view this article, and thank you to every human being who has taken the time to understand this technology, and every human who wants to be free, and is doing the work to make it happen. 

AKA: Real Truthers!

I am still promoting Free Energy & Free Thinking for everyone!

– Chris @ Wolf Clan Media

New World Order | Secret Corporations

“The Manhattan Project for Counter-Terrorism” [Published July 10, 2019]

Official Insignia of the Information Awareness Office [TIA]

Many horrible things have happened as a result of 9/11. The war in Iraq / Afghanistan, the patriot act, airport security, first responder cancer issues, (so-called) isis, and the list goes on and on. Let’s talk about the changes in SURVEILLANCE caused by the big LIE known as 9/11.

Total Information Awareness
Basically the TIA is a database. However, the term “database” really refers to a new kind of HUGE, Omni-media, centralized, and controlled information repository.  This so-called “database” is not constrained by today’s limited commercial database products. DARPA (and many others) use various technologies to architect, populate, and exploit this “database” for combating terrorism in America. Companies that were contracted to work on TIA included…   
Science Applications International Corporation,  Booz Allen Hamilton,  Lockheed Martin Corporation,  Schafer Corporation,  SRS Technologies,  Adroit Systems,  CACI Dynamic Systems, ASI Systems International, and Syntek Technologies. (1) 
The first 4 Corporations that I have underlined above^  in red are all members & sponsors of the DEPS. Directed Energy Professional Society. 

I’ve been researching and watching the activity of SAIC during the year 2018. After all SAIC has been doing the same thing to ALL OF US since at least 2002, without our consent. To quote a friend of mine regarding SAIC: “They are one of the most evil Corporations on this planet” I agree 100%. SAIC changed its name to Leidos in 2013, operating SAIC as a subsidiary. I often see articles on the internet about: Liedos (Science Applications International Corporations) and the majority of the time, these articles are removed from the web within 2-4 hours of being published. Not only that, but I often see them not being mentioned in a project that they are definitely involved in. Here is a publication that is supposed to be the same list of Corporations. This is a mainstream article from December 17, 2002. Can you spot whats missing?

It was an ‘Outsourced Job’

“Outsourcing Big Brother”
DARPA, which oversees the Total Information Awareness System (TIA), awarded 13 contracts to Booz Allen & Hamilton ($23 million). Lockheed Martin Corporation ($27 million). The Schafer Corporation ($15 million). Other prominent contractors involved in the TIA program include SRS Technologies, Adroit Systems, CACI Dynamic Systems, Syntek Technologies, and ASI Systems International. (2) TIA itself was first proposed by an employee of a private contractor. John Poindexter, who worked on DARPA projects for Syntek, an Arlington, Va.-based technical and engineering services firm, suggested the program in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks… (2)

You can finish the article by following this link:

VIDEO: 30 sec.

Why wasn’t SAIC mentioned in these articles? They mention John Poindexter but Not Brian Hicks or SAIC. You’ll also notice in the screenshot above^ Hicks doesn’t have a Wikipedia link like Poindexter. All the other corporations involved were listed. Why leave out SAIC when they we’re clearly involved in this Total Information Awareness Program? As a matter of fact, not only was SAIC given contracts to work on it, but as you can see it was partly SAIC’s idea to come up with the program, because of 9/11. (1) Supposedly SAIC worked on a technology, codenamed “Basketball” through its former Hicks & Associates consulting arm which is ran by former Defense and military officials ($19 million contract in 2002). This is the core architecture to integrate all the TIA’s information extraction, analysis, and dissemination tools. (1) Once again, you have to ask, with this being such a vital component in this whole “database” thing why wouldn’t SAIC be mentioned

Who is SAIC VIDEO: 1 min.

Okay, now lets fast forward about 3 months in time. In February 2003, EPIC also known as [Electronic Privacy Information Center] filed a FOIA request and did an Analysis of Total Information Awareness Contractor Documents. (3) Neither do these documents make any mention of SAIC or their involvement in the Total Information Awareness Program. Even worse the Department of Defense attempted to block the public release of these documents by imposing unprecedented fees on EPIC, a public interest research organization. EPIC challenged the fee determination, and a federal district court ruled for EPIC and against the Department of Defense. The court ordered the Pentagon to “expeditiously” process EPIC’s almost year-old request for information concerning Admiral John Poindexter and the Information Awareness Office. The documents do not show how much funding the proposal received. The “Broad Agency Announcement” (or “BAA”) notes that most proposals should anticipate receiving between $200,000 – 1 million per year. Of the 180, there are 26 approval letters. The most recent letter released is dated December 4, 2002. The list of contractors who sought funding range from large corporation, including Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, to small technology start-ups and and large research universities. (3)  Once again no mention here of SAIC in any of these documents from 2002. So we have undeniable proof of internet [SAIC] censorship.

You can read the analysis done by EPIC here. Like I said, I often see articles published mentioning SAIC (Liedos) and then removed within hours. Lets look at some more examples of obvious surveillance and censorship coming from SAIC (Leidos).
So we’ve all heard about the so called “Russian Hacking of the U.S. Elections” right? Well it turns out these alleged “hacks” reached far beyond the DNC into the defense industry. According to Wikipedia a Russian cyber espionage group called Fancy Bear was responsible for targeting Eastern European governments and militaries, the country of Georgia and the Caucasus, Ukraine, security-related organizations such as NATO, as well as US defense contractors Academi (formerly known as Blackwater)Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon(4) So here we have again, 4 sponsors of the Directed Energy Professional Society all being ‘targeted’ by these ‘Russian hackers’ during the 2016 U.S. elections. We are given some sources for this information. The Chicago Tribune. However this mainstream source goes on to say…

“The list skewed toward workers for defense contractors such as Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin or senior intelligence figures, prominent Russia watchers and — especially — Democrats. More than 130 party workers, campaign staffers and supporters of the party were targeted, including Podesta and other members of Clinton’s inner circle.”(5)

As you can see, once again the media has failed to mention Science Applications International Corporations. In this case SAIC is considered a victim of cyber attacks, so why on Earth would they want to be excluded from the publication? Maybe a more important question is: HOW is it that,  regardless of the subject matter, they’re able to be removed from any and all public articles?

One possibility is, a lot of these employees (who own a share in the company) also work or have previously worked for the other corporations in the DEPS. One example of this is Dr. Donald A. Hicks. Earlier I mentioned Brian Hicks (it was partly his idea for T.I.A.) This man is the Chairman of the Board of Hicks & Associates, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Before he founded Hicks & Associates, he served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering. During this time he was the Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for scientific and technical matters, basic and applied research, environmental sciences, and the development of weapon systems.(6)  He also held other top positions at Northrop Grumman, Applied Research Department of the Nortronics, Boeing Company’s Aerospace Group, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the National Security Advisory Panel of the Sandia National Laboratories. (6) But there is a much more obvious reason for SAIC being able to receive such discretion from media platforms on the web. That is because SAIC has controlled and dominated the internet domain for years. (10) For more info I suggest you read this:

 The Untold Story of SAIC, Network Solutions, and the Rise of the Web
 Published July 29th, 2009 by Bruce V. Bigelow

Video: 6 mins.

But not everyone has shown complete discretion to this evil corporation. Here, I found a great article written on Jan 22, 2015 by Nafeez Ahmed an investigative journalist from the U.K. (7)  According to Nafeez, in 1989, Richard O’Neill, wrote a paper for the US Naval War College,  ‘Toward a methodology for perception management.’ In his book, Future Wars, Col. John Alexander, records that O’Neill’s paper outlined a strategy for “perception management” as part of information warfare (IW). This technique has been applied to everybody by SAIC, especially independent researchers online who are trying to promote & spread the truth to others. SAIC has a shady past that involves sexual misconduct and political corruption. When head of SAIC Robert Beyster traveled on business, he often took one of the aides-de-camp with him, and asked his secretary to arrange for them to stay in the same hotel room—this according to the secretary’s courtroom testimony. Wilson said in a deposition that one of the young men told him that he didn’t like doing it, but that “it was part of traveling with Beyster.” Some of the young aides-de-camp went on to become executives at SAIC. Bernice King testified that Beyster had a name for his young assistants: he called them his “baby boys.” (9) Three class action lawsuits were recently filed in the wake of a breach affecting 4.9 million beneficiaries in the TRICARE military healthcare program. One suit against SAIC, filed in a Texas state court by attorney Richard Coffman, seeks $4.9 billion in damages, or $1,000 for each person affected. The 2nd suit against SAIC, filed by two law firms, seeks unspecified total damages on behalf of Californians affected by the breach. SAIC declined to comment on the lawsuits…. (8)

False Heroes

It started out as Total Information Awareness and it became something known as PRISM. The funny thing is all of this was exposed in the 1998 Hollywood film: “Enemy of the State” where corrupt National Security Agency officials have a congressman assassinated to assure the passage of expansive new surveillance legislation. NSA raids houses and plants surveillance devices. They disseminate false evidence, hiring criminals to commit murder, spying, etc. Yet it takes another 15 years until we heard about PRISM, which was ‘leaked’ to The Washington Post and The Guardian by Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old NSA contractor. [still contracted?] We we’re told all kinds of things about the NSA and spying but was this really anything we didn’t already know? The TIA program was the same thing, launched in the immediate wake of September 11th 2001. Edward Snowden worked for Booz Allen Hamilton (member of the DEPS) who was contracted to work on the program. It is the NSA’s job to spy. This is obviously a very immoral job to hold, but, shouldn’t we go after the people who made it happen in the first place instead of complaining about the government? It’s the private contractors who are using our tax dollars to fund this enormous conspiracy. Evidence of U.S. taxes being siphoned off into black operations to commit false flags, while spying on everybody. Are these guys a product of those black operations?

See Richplanet TV – Episode #240 for more info…

“We also now know thanks to Snowden that the NSA’s XKeyscore ‘Digital Network Intelligence’ exploitation system was designed to allow analysts to search not just Internet databases like emails, online chats and browsing history, but also telephone services, mobile phone audio, financial transactions and global air transport communications — essentially the entire global telecommunications grid.” (7)

What is PRISM and who created it?

PRISM was developed by SAIC. Yes the same company that was also involved in the 2002 TRAILBLAZER program for analyzing network data. Involved in the establishment of PRISM was Ron Baham – Senior Vice President and Operations Manager at SAIC who worked on CMMA PRISM at JDISS from 2000 – 2004. (7)  As they said this TIA program was implemented as a result of 9/11. Well, that is absolutely outrageous. Especially considering the overwhelming amount of evidence which proves that SAIC played many roles in the September 11th [false flag] attacks. This includes being hired by NIST to produce false reports about the alleged airplanes crashes and the destruction of the World Trade Center. (4) Ultimately elements of this nasty corporation are also responsible for covering up advanced technology and preventing a real criminal investigation into 9/11 from ever taking place.

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They even had employees from SAIC working for the 9/11 commission staff.